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Our Industrial Plots

Industrial Plot 300 Hectares

As a potential investment destination, we offer various types of industrial plot. Hence,  tenants have endless opportunity to build and operate their business in our industrial estate. With the kind of support accorded to our commitment, we ensure a better prospect in the future. Links of security, infrastructure and service are provided to support our tenants’ need. Further, a  good governance by our team and business atmosphere make an ideal choice that would determine the sustainable economical development.

Phase 1 : 110 Hectares

Block A : Commercial Area

Jatengland Industrial Park Sayung also covers a cluster that accommodate tenants’ need for all commercial concerns, as : apartment, hotel, health center, convention hall, sport club, food court, and some others. Brilliant opportunity and link are remained to be a complement for a business journey. This commercial area could be a pleasant precinct while the main sectors are functioned. Tenants would be linked with other supporting aspects so they could obtain a beneficial facilities in our industrial estate.


Block B : Warehousing 300 m2 and 900 m2

Many choices of warehousing could be the consideration for tenants who need more proximity to logistic, storage and distribution. Sureness of track is a major significance for tenants who have fixed and substantial markets. Small, medium, large and super size in our warehousing zone could be their competitive advantage for business operations. We provide convenience from earlier phase into its readiness. Just take easy steps : choose and book, then, tenants could starts their parallel operation while other steps are running.

Though it will be coming soon, Bangunan Pabrik Siap Pakai (BPSP) or factory building is zoned for those who require a multifunctional space for operational concern, factory, warehouse and office. We offer a custom – made building according to tenants’ request. The factory building is equipped with electricity, water supply, telecommunication, high security unit, standardized waste system and others important facilities. One building would comprise all concerns to allow tenants smoothly operate their business cycle.



Block C : Commercial Units (Ruko)


Block C1 : Industrial Plot (Available for Sale)


Block C2 : Industrial Plot 



 Block C1 : Industrial Plot



Block D : Industrial Plot



Block E1 : Industrial Plot



Block E2&E3 : Industrial Plot



Block F : Industrial Plot (Available for Sale)


Block G : Industrial Plot (Available for Sale)


 Block H : Industrial Plot (Available for Sale)


We  are manifesting a masterplan with a brilliant concept, that is “one” integrated Cyber Techno Eco – concept. Jatengland Industrial Park Sayung offers a set of optional services and facilities to satisfy tenants’ comfort in their business operations.

Integrated Industrial Park

All services and facilities in our industrial park are integrated in “one door” service system. In this way, the tenants can easily communicate and convey their needs.

Cyber Techno

The management of IT will ensure the availability of qualified services. We use online system so that the tenants can handily access the updates in “one touch” smart way.

Eco Green

All aspects of prevention towards any negative impacts on the environment are our main consideration. Consequently, we totally present “one care” for all aspects of environment in wide scopes of meaning.




Because you are Our Priority : We totally dedicate to serve our tenants. All you need are in One Zone, in Jatengland Industrial Park Sayung


Principle License : No. 13/33/IP/PMDN/2013 issued by Central Java Investment Board on September, 25 th 2013

Location Permit : No 503.02/01642/III/2014 regarding the grating of location license for the development of industrial estate issued by the Integrated Licensing Service Board of Demak Regency on March, 18 th 2014

Environment Impact Assesment (AMDAL) : No. 660.1/361/2015 regarding the license of environment issued by Demak Regency on May, 5 th 2015

Industrial Estate Operation Permit (SIUKI – Surat Izin Usaha Kawasan Industri) : No. 21/3321/IU/PMDN/2015 regarding the industrial estate operation permit for Jatengland Industrial Park Sayung, issued by the board of investment and integrated service  of Demak Regency on December, 31 st 2015

KLIK BKPM : JIPS has officially obtained KLIK License (KLIK – Kemudahan Layanan Investasi Langsung Konstruksi) Indonesian Investment Board has released it official letter No. 17/2017. It is the convenience of direct construction permit services. It means the Investors are happily welcomed to process their license in parallel steps.